3 Ways to Quickly Boost Safety & Tranquility with Outdoor Lights

March 22nd, 2021 gleam-admin
Landscape Lighting

When shorter days occur in the fall and the winter, it is often dark outside when families return home from work and school. Attempting to navigate dimly lit areas can be dangerous, due to an increased risk of tripping or even encountering burglars lurking in the shadows. By making adjustments to the current outdoor lighting by contacting award-winning outdoor landscaping lighting Indianapolis experts, you will improve property safety and elevate the overall ambiance of the open-air areas in your landscape.

Install Path Lights to Illuminate the Ground

Often, street lamps are the only source of light leading to the house, which could make you fall on loose gravel, raised sidewalk slabs, and additional obstacles during the journey. Install path lighting along driveways, walkways, and outdoor staircases to make it easier to navigate the area. Lighting fixtures made of small posts project light downward into flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs, illuminating the beauty of the landscape.

Put Motion Sensor Floodlights Near Entrances

Installing motion sensor lights near doors and windows will also keep your property protected in addition to installing a security system. These fixtures may be mounted on walls or eaves to detect heat waves radiating from moving objects. Floodlights illuminate wide areas, making it difficult for intruders to conceal themselves. When family members approach doors, the extra light will assist them in seeing the surroundings and any possible threats.

Install Strings of Recessed Lighting Over the Deck & Patio

Many homeowners in warmer climates spend time on their patios and decks throughout the year. You can provide an open-air ceiling by hanging twinkling lights from posts, buildings, or trees. This will keep outdoor living spaces illuminated long after dusk. Objects on the hardscapes will take on a soft, romantic glow as shadows dance off the soft, romantic light.

Recessed Lighting Over the Deck & Patio

Boost Safety with Gleam Electrical & Lighting Design

When you are ready to lay out an outdoor lighting plan, contact the outdoor landscaping lighting design specialists. We can be reached at 317-561-0955 or by email at sales@gleamelectrical.com.

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