If it is in an apartment or a mansion, the kitchen is always a crucial area. It is where the family comes together to make excellent meals and share stories. It is probably one of the most important rooms, and that is why you need better kitchen lighting to enhance the mood and illuminate or show off your kitchen’s designs and charm. But what are the best kitchen lighting ideas? It’s best to consult a kitchen professional interior lighting expert at Gleam Electrical & Lighting Design at 317.561.0955 or email sales@gleamelectrical.com.

Proper Kitchen Lighting Makes All the Difference

Further to enhance the mood and increasing visibility, proper lighting allows you to see and retrieve things in cabinets, whether high or low. It also ensures you can protect yourself from kitchen accidents or injuries when dicing fruits or vegetables. But lighting does not mean just adding artificial lights in the kitchen. It is important to properly plan the kitchen’s lighting and consider the fixtures, function, and type of bulbs.

kitchen lighting tips

Kitchen Lighting Tip 1: Add Lighting Layers

No one fixture can provide the necessary light for all the kitchen tasks. It is best to invest in smaller lights for specific purposes. Take the time to find a light to illuminate the walls and the floors just to help you navigate your kitchen.

Use different lights over the sinks, countertops, or any other working area in the kitchen to help you see when cooking, cleaning, and preparing food. Also, find another accent light that illuminates or focuses light on your favorite décor and features. The different layers give your kitchen a unique look and, at the same time, help reduce the glare.  

Kitchen Lighting Tip 2: Use Dimmers

You can use your kitchen for various purposes. The light you need when preparing meals is not the same light needed for a romantic meal. It would help if you had dimmer lights to create ambiance during and after meals. Consider adding dimmers to adjust your lighting as you need, and it may also increase your bulbs’ lifespan.

Kitchen Lighting Tip 3: Add Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are lights placed in ceilings. When fixed properly, they can provide light in the entire kitchen. Recessed lights allow for even light distribution, making it easy for you to perform any task without straining. Also, recessed lighting helps to focus lights in areas such as the counter and stovetop, depending on what is used most.

kitchen lighting tips

Kitchen Lighting Tip 4: Consider Kitchen Color

When choosing your lighting fixtures, consider your kitchens’ color. If it is white, then you probably do not need high-voltage bulbs since white reflects light. However, if your kitchen is painted with dark colors, you may have to use bright lights to brighten the room.

Kitchen Lighting Tip 5: Create a Focal Point

If your kitchen is designed so that your guests can view your kitchen, you need to be mindful of your lighting. Be sure to choose a focal point by deciding what you want your visitors to focus on or see. For example, create a focal point on your favorite features and art instead of directing light on the kitchen sink.

Take Advantage of Kitchen Lighting Tips

A kitchen should be beautiful and welcoming. By taking advantage of these helpful kitchen lighting tips, it is easy to insure a home with increased value, and an enjoyable focal point of the home for years to come.