A creative landscape lighting design can go far in making the outdoor areas around your house beautifully stand out. The experts at Gleam Lighting, have provided award winning landscape lighting designs and services to their clients and have some fantastic ideas to give your landscape that perfect finishing touch.


Up-Lighting Or Cross-Lighting On Trees & Shrubs

Cross-lighting can bring out the unique growth patterns or bark patterns of trees and shrubs, eliminating shadows and making them stand out even after dark. Trees have an impressive trunk structure and a lower canopy, so up-lighting their trunks is an excellent option.

Low-Light Fixtures On Walkways

Guests should be able to see where they are going by lighting walkways. Landscape lighting fixtures placed along the pathway are a simple way to enhance your landscape design and give your eye a path to follow to gathering spots such as gazebos or patios. Lighting can also be placed under benches or planters to illuminate walkways.


Create Special-Effect Lighting

Placing lighting in the canopy of trees around the patio can make for a filtering, lacy effect and turn your outdoor area into an eye-catching locale. Other ideas include putting waterproof lights in the nooks and crannies of the rocks around water features, so your small pond gleams like magic at the flip of a switch.

Place Lighting on House Design Features

You should not ignore the biggest investment you’ll ever make by keeping it in the dark. Highlight the attractive features of your home with up-lighting on pillars and corners.


Build the Lighting Around A Focal Point

Landscape lighting should be designed around the front yard features you’ve placed to be visually appealing, such as a fire pit, exotic trees, or rock sculptures. From there, you’ll have a central point of departure and everything will feel unified.