Proper lighting can illuminate and transform a home. It can enhance or alter your mood. Therefore, to increase interior lighting, it is vital to invest in good lighting, whether artificial or natural.  This is the very reason why you need the professional interior lighting specialists at Glweam Electrical & Lighting Design, call us at 317.561.0955or sales at

Interior lighting is a critical aspect when designing your home. You need to factor in the lighting aspect in all rooms, keeping in mind that what works for one room may not necessarily work for another room. Your interior lighting should reflect every room’s function and feel.  

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Five Ways to Increase Interior Lighting

Replace Your Wall with Glass Blocks

Though replacing walls with glass blocks is not an easy fix, it is very effective. Replace some sections of your wall with glass blocks to allow light to pierce through your home. However, you must install headers over the block sections to support it. 

Besides, you can design your walls to be mirrored with high gloss paint. If you use gloss paint for your walls, they get a mirror-like appearance, which means they reflect light into your interiors. 

Use Reflective Tiles

A primary way to increase interior lighting is to leverage the power of reflective tiles. Use highly reflective tiles to brighten your interiors. You can use glass tiles since they reflect all the light that meets them. Also, you can invest in glossy ceramic tiles or metallic backsplash tiles. 

Use Dimmer Lights

When buying table lamps with the goal of increasing interior lighting, it would be best to search for those with the option of a dimmer switch. That way, you can control the brightness of the room. If not, you can still buy a plug-in dimmer. 

Dimmers can manipulate your room’s atmosphere and at the same time save on electricity. Be sure to install as many dimmer switches as you can in various rooms. You can use dimmers to balance natural light with artificial light. 

Create a Focal Point in Your Lighting

Another often used tool to increase interior lighting, you can create a focal point in your in lighting by focusing lighting on your favorite indoor features. Also, your fixtures should not all be of the same size. For example, you can use a chandelier for the dining room, but you can consider using floor lamps or sconces in smaller spaces like the bedroom. 

This works to increase interior lighting by creating a lighting focal point by focusing the light on your favorite arts and paintings. Also, you can focus the light on your built-in shelves to showcase your collectibles, figurines, and sculptures.

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Install Skylights

As much as windows allow consistent light, they can be quickly shadowed or blocked by various objects. If you install skylights in your ceiling, natural light gets pulled into your house. Skylights face the sun, which means they can bring in consistent light even better than windows or glass walls.

So, when you invest in skylights, you will be amazed how much you can increase interior lighting by allowing your interiors can get bright, especially on a sunny day.

Interior lighting can be harnessed and enhanced by allowing as much natural light as possible and using the right artificial lights in the right places. Consider getting a professional interior lighiting designer to guide you on ways to improve your home lighting.