At Gleam Electrical & Lighting Design, many clients are not aware that we are skilled as an Asian style outdoor lighting contractor and Asian-themed landscape lighting designer.  We recently completed a particularly unique and stunning, to say the least, Asian landscape lighting project. What was so fascinating about this project, that made it so unique is that it was, “Asian-inspired”. The term, “Asian-inspired” is often used to describe décor, home, and landscape architecture with a certain serene, almost Zen-like feel. This a term that is used quite broadly. The two most prominent styles, by far, that are considered “Asian” in appearance are Chinese and Japanese-styled Asian outdoor landscape lighting. It is fascinating because the aesthetics of both cultures are very different.

asian oriental themed garden outdoor lighting contractor

Outdoor Landscape Lighting is THE Finishing Touch

At Gleam, we believe that outdoor lighting is the finishing touch that rounds out a home. Outdoor landscape lighting goes far in making spaces safer with light, and it also sets the tone for how the outdoor space is utilized by you, in work, or leisure. Asian landscape architecture has a reputation, so it is only natural to supplement the goal to create a serene outdoor space with the best Asian landscape lighting completed by an Asian outdoor landscape lighting contractor. Our founder, and lead designer, John Martin is a nationally awarded and recognized landscape lighting expert in all forms of landscape lighting architecture in the United States.

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Imagine Outdoor Landscape Architecture with Asian Style Lighting

To be honest, for the property owner in search of a home update that is jaw-dropping, timeless, and stands out, Asian-style landscape outdoor lighting could be the best choice. We can truly “define” the style of the space, with expertly installed Asian-inspired chandeliers, and pendants. The right lighting will keep the simple and clean highly sought-after Asian-style garden aesthetic. Imagine an outdoor Indian summer evening get-together complemented with expert lighting that fits an Asian design scheme for an all-around soothing ambiance.

asian themed outdoor lights Asian Style Outdoor Lighting

Call Gleam for Asian Style Outdoor Lighting

We have fantastic, recently completed, stunning Asian-style outdoor lighting projects that will give you some great indications of the scope, skill, and expertise that we provide for each and every one of our discerning clients. When you are ready for that lit Asian garden trellis, or an entire Asian-themed outdoor landscape lighting design, brought to you by the team at Gleam Electrical & Lighting Design. Call us at 317-561-0955, email us at or visit us online at