Commercial and Residential Lighting Repair

Outdoor Lighting Repair Indianapolis & Cincinnati

As lighting systems age, they will require repairs to keep them fully functional. Instead of ripping out and starting new, we seek to find solutions to repair your lighting system and get them back in working order.

Skill and Industry Knowledge to Work With All Brands and Manufacturers

There are times when a lighting brand or manufacturer has been discontinued. If that happens, our skilled technicians have the experience and industry knowledge to supplement the existing lighting system to make things blend perfectly so that no one can tell the difference. Our mission is to find the most cost-conscious fix for your outdoor lighting system so that you don’t have to start from scratch. Whatever repair you need from sidewalks to security lighting, our team has the expertise to fix it, usually the same day.

Sign Up for Our Comprehensive Maintenance Program

Once we get your lighting system up and running again, it is a good idea to consider signing up for our Comprehensive Maintenance Membership Program. After all, maintaining your lighting system is always less expensive than an unnecessary repair. Our program is designed to check your system either semi-annually, or annually, to look for signs of trouble before things become troublesome. Keep your lights burning bright from sundown to sunup, 365 days a year without fail!

Lighting Repair And Maintenance