Hanging the Open for Business Sign? Make Sure You are Lit for Business!

August 26th, 2022 gleam-admin

As we pass through summer, we are all beginning to feel the freedom of socialization versus the restraint of social distancing. Hopefully, the pandemic is in the rearview mirror. This has many of us returning to our favorite activities, including frequenting our favorite restaurants and venues. If you are a business owner excited to hang up the “Open” sign again, make sure that your establishment is lit! Our commercial lighting Indianapolis company can make you the talk of the town by providing these great enhancements.


When you have people on your premises, it is your obligation to keep them safe. Exterior lighting on your patios and walkways are not luxuries or upgrades; they are the only way to limit the risk that someone will get hurt. Well-lit walkways and entryways are a must whether you own a restaurant, venue, or retail location. We have the experience to ensure that we light the way for your customers, employees, and passersby!


Nothing is entertaining about poor lighting when customers are trying to enjoy a meal with family or friends. If you are going to offer a patio and outdoor dining experience, you want to light it up well enough for people to engage with one another as they get a great view of your amazing meal and entertainment. Lighting is critical to ensure that your guests have the best experience possible. Our experience will ensure that the placement, brightness, and overall look stay amazing from dusk until dawn!


Lighting is one of those things that can dictate the mood. If things are too bright, it can be jarring, too dark, and it can be oppressive. We offer several options from rope lighting to commercial lighting to make sure that we are setting the mood that best represents your brand and overall experience. We are leaders in the industry because we take the time to hear your concerns and wants and address them from start to finish!


Lighting is only good if it works appropriately and doesn’t have to be continually monitored. We not only install the lighting that will get you lit; we also provide maintenance to keep things working optimally around the clock and from season to season. It doesn’t make much sense to invest in commercial lighting if you aren’t going to maintain it so that it works properly. At Gleam Electrical, we have all that you need to install, repair, and maintain your commercial lighting year-round!

As we head into fall, many businesses are either opening once again or starting anew. If you want to enhance your customers’ experience and make the most of your outdoor areas, we are the commercial lighting company in Indianapolis that can make sure that you are lit for the most entertainment, security, and fun possible. Contact us today to get started!