Maintenance Program

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Services

Why sign up for a lighting maintenance program?

Your outdoor lighting is a significant investment, and you invested for a reason—to make your property beautiful, to keep people safe and deter your home from thefts and break-ins. If your lights aren’t properly maintained and working effectively, then your investment is for naught. We offer both, an annual lighting maintenance program as well as a comprehensive maintenance membership program designed to take the guesswork out of ensuring that your lights work year-round. Explore options below.

Annual Lighting Maintenance

Our annual maintenance option on a non-membership basis allows for a yearly 24-point inspection and complete tune-up of your entire lighting system. For worry-free maintenance, sign up for our comprehensive maintenance membership program.

Comprehensive Maintenance Membership Program - What's Included?

NO HASSLE. NO WORRY. NO PROBLEM. When you sign up to be a member of our program, we perform routine diagnostic and tune-up services semi-annually. As a member you also enjoy the benefits of:

  • No service trip fees for regular repair calls ($80 savings)
  • Discounts of up to 20% off any electrical service, additional lighting, or Christmas lighting installation
  • A lifetime warranty on all hardware and fixtures*
  • Cleaning of ALL builder installed sconces, coach, recessed and/or lamp post
  • Twice annual cleaning and adjustments

24-Point Inspection & Complete Tune-Up of Entire System

We perform a 24-point checklist to ensure that all of your fixtures are fully functional and in good working order. If we notice that you need a repair, we make the repair on-site, or if we can’t, we add it to our work order to get it up and running as quickly as possible. We want to make sure that your lights are shining brightly from sundown to sunup 365 days a year!

  • Cleaning: transformers, fixtures, remove calcified dirt from lenses
  • Test & verify input/output voltage ranges and system amperage
  • Tighten transformer connections, add di-electric grease as needed
  • Test/adjust control devices and change batteries as needed
  • Move/relocate fixtures as needed to adjust for plant material growth
  • Re-adjust the correct aiming of the fixtures/straighten fixtures
  • Replace defective/burnout halogen or LED lamps as needed with new LED lamps
  • Repair cable cuts, breaks, or system damage as needed
  • Inspect & rebury exposed lighting cable if necessary
  • Adjust cable mounts on tree lights as needed to compensate for tree growth
  • Lightly trim plant materials overgrowing/blocking light fixtures as needed

*Non-warranty related repairs will be charged on a time and material basis. These types of repairs will include items such as/but not limited to: cut lighting cable, broken fixture, broken ground stake, broken lenses, acts of nature, animal/human cause damage, etc.