Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation

Exceeding Expectations

Since our founding, Gleam Electrical and Lighting Design has specialized in providing spectacular lighting that dramatically increases a property’s splendor, safety, and visibility. Wherever light is needed after night, we proudly offer lighting solutions to suit any property or purpose. It's not just our priority, it's our passion.

Points of Interest


Landscape Lighting

We design our outdoor landscape lighting to be unobtrusive, designed to discretely illuminate and keep the landscape at the center of attention. As such, we design lighting to highlight interesting and beautiful landscape such as:

  • Tree lighting
  • Bush lighting
  • Flower Lighting
  • Any plant life; annuals or perennial lighting
  • Hardscape Lighting
  • Deck Lighting

Our outdoor lighting design is to focus on the beauty of what we are lighting and not the light itself.

3. Camby House lake 1

Architectural Lighting

Gleam Lighting designers reveal the shape and dimensions of light with soft luminous gradients and textures that add depth and character to any architectural structure. With multiple lighting design options of choice and the same high performance expected from any of our Professional grade luminaries. Whether it’s:

  • Lighting a large commercial structure
  • Lighting a backyard deck

The lighting design of architectural structure freedom is endless.

Buccanon Pathway Lighting jpg

Pathway, Sidewalk, and Step Lighting

Gleam Pathway, sidewalk and step lighting designs improve light quality, ambiance, and safety. We also use our outdoor lighting design to enhance architectural features as well as light Pathways and walkways. Pathway, sidewalk and step lights applied in various applications can add an inviting light to a space as well as accent walls with decorative finishes.

Decorative Urn copy 1

Decorative Piece Lighting

Our decorative piece lighting design allows you focus on something specific, like a special Iconic feature or structure at night. With our distinct lighting designs, we apply some of the world’s best luminaries to highlight that special art piece, Iconic Urn or anything that symbolizes that which is true to your heart.


Water feature Lighting

By implementing our water lighting designs in your water feature, it will turn into a dramatic nighttime focal point. The light glimmers and dances with the water; it will become a magical scenic view. Outdoor water lighting can help create the aesthetic you want for your backyard or balcony and will help you spend more time outdoors. Our Water Feature lighting design ability include a wide variety of:<br>


Driveway Lighting

Driveway outdoor lighting is important to help provide a safe and welcoming entrance to your home. A common mistake is over-lighting a driveway and ending up with a runway-like effect. Gleam’s driveway lighting design incorporates many different lighting options to implement just enough landscape lighting that will provide a warm welcome at night. Our Driveway Outdoor Lighting Designs Create a Beautiful Entry Pathway Light that will feature leaf silhouettes and many more lighting design options.

benefits of outdoor lights

Discrete Security Lighting

“Men love darkness because their deeds are evil.” The best outdoor security lighting does more than just keep your home or property safe from criminals. Gleam’s Security Lighting can also help you navigate safely around your property in the evening as well as keeping the lighting beautiful and elegant, but not intrusive to the eye. Security lighting can be an excellent way of protecting your home from potential intruders. However, we design our lighting to provide security with elegance. The best outdoor security lighting does more than just keep your home or property safe from criminals.

Jean Pool Patio from upper deck

Outdoor Living Space Lighting

Our Outdoor Lighting design will create solutions that beautifully illuminate and accentuate your outdoor living space. lighting design to the outdoors will create an intentional space for entertaining and relaxing that you and your family will enjoy all summer long.


String Lights, Bistro and Cafe lighting

String lights add a touch of elegance and ambiance for outdoor entertaining. String lights are an ultra-romantic, yet elegant décor detail that can totally transform a space. Also called twinkle, cafe or bistro lights, they’re a versatile way to add a bit of glow to virtually any type of venue, from an home patio to a glamorous ballroom, they add a wonderful ambiance of light. Our Lighting Designers can mix with Other Lighting Options and or Use as a Backdrop Strung Above Outdoor Reception Tables.

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