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Professional Interior Lighting

Transforming into Tranquility

Our know-how in the professional LED lighting industry combines with our dynamic perception of architectural lighting to create a series of highly technological installations. Our craftsmanship is distinguished by a wide range of highly performing wall lights, spotlights, luminaires and reflectors with LED lighting power that meet the countless needs of indoor lighting in different sectors and applications.

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Interior light Design, Planning and Installation

Interior light Design, Planning and InsLighting interiors should be considered along with the space planning and decoration planning as it relates directly to how each space is perceived. You could have the best interior decoration in the world but unless you have made provisions to light it; it could disappear into forgetfulness. Whereas an interior lighting design can greatly enhance even the simplest of interior design features and provide elegant and tranquil Lighting. At Gleam Electrical and Lighting Design we have some simple advice for planning lighting for your home, and if you are an interior designer or decorator, we have more detailed information to up-skill your lighting knowledge.allation
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Under-Cabinet Lighting and Display Lighting

Under-Cabinet Lighting and Display lighting will make the details shine and add depth to your room. Our under-cabinet lighting and display lighting is designed to work with furniture like bookcases, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. Our under-cabinet lighting and display lighting design delivers bright and uniform light to indoor spaces for both commercial and residential applications like kitchen cabinets, display cases, granite countertops, coves, bars and shelves.
Commercial Office

Office Lighting

Poor office lighting is often cited as one of the most common interior design mistakes. While poor lighting is sure to be stressful and annoying no matter what room you may be in, it can be especially problematic in a home office or in any business setting; in fact, bad lighting is one of the most popular complaints from office employees around the business world. Gleam Electrical Office lighting design can improve worker efficiency and reduce a building owner’s operating costs. Gleam office Lighting design’s standard-compliant and glare-free illumination of rooms and individual workstations supports concentrated and fatigue-free work environments

Restaurant Lighting

Ambient lighting in a restaurant is what sets the tone and feel of the place. A brightly lit, restaurant with neon beer signs will work well for a sports restaurant while, a lighting design that uses softer tones, candlelight and designer light fixtures will create the sophisticated tone needed for an upscale establishment. Gleam Electrical and Lighting Design team will bring the Ambient light that will create the mood your customers will feel like staying and buying more.
Commercial Art

Art Piece Lighting

The emanation of light from natural and artificial sources can alter how we experience a work of art. While not always immediately apparent to museum visitors, presenting a work of art in the most useful way requires close collaboration between Lighting Designers and Art holders. Gleam Electrical and Lighting designers collaborate with their clients to create an unsurpassed lighting design that compliments their client’s Artwork.

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