Outdoor Lighting Carmel Indiana

Outdoor Lighting Carmel Indiana


Project finished May 2022


Carmel, Indiana

Services Completed

Outdoor/landscape lighting repair and rehab.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Repair & Rehab in Carmel, IN

This client came to us after the initial lighting company installed her lights. She was underwhelmed with the installation and had issues with the lighting. The competitor never called her back or tried to make it right. Then she called us.

The Gleam team went into action and immediately formed a lighting design and overall plan. We repaired and adjusted her failed lights. The original lighting was a high kelvin color and was too cold looking.

The Gleam designer specified to use of warm white lighting to change the mood and give an inviting look. We also added additional lighting to the trees and dormers. In addition, we lit the entryway of her home and designed nice, even light throughout. We replaced and repaired the recessed lighting over the garage to create security lighting with elegance.

The customer loves it and is happy with our rehab. The only issue is that her bushes are overgrown so the lights are not fully seen on the right side.