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Exceeding Expectations

Lighting is considered an upgrade that comes with a high rate of return on your investment and provides safety and beauty! At Gleam Electrical and Lighting Design, we custom design lighting systems to suit the properties we serve.

A lighting system is only as good as its design, which is why our first step is to evaluate your property’s specific needs. Then we provide innovative solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and strategically positioned. To us, lighting isn’t just a job; it is our passion, which shows in the lighting systems we design and maintain.

Types of Lighting Services Offered

Landscape Lighting

The key to designing a custom lighting system is making the lighting unobtrusive and discreet while strategically illuminating enough of the landscaping through placement and types of lighting systems used. Our professional lighting designers focus on highlighting interesting and beautiful components of your home’s exterior and landscaping, such as:

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Tree lighting

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Bush lighting

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Flower lighting

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Hardscape lighting

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting

Outdoor Lighting Design

Entryway lighting

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Any plant life; annuals or perennials lighting

We focus on what we want to showcase and highlight, not on the light itself.

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Architectural Lighting

Gleam’s lighting designers use soft luminous gradient lighting systems to reveal both the shape and the dimensions of the textures around your home. In doing so, we add depth and character to enhance the architectural structure of your home and its exterior components.

We offer multiple lighting design options with only the highest performance professional-grade luminaries. From lighting a large commercial structure to lighting a backyard deck, we have endless numbers of luminary choices to suit your architectural design and taste.

Pathway, Sidewalk, and Step Lighting

Gleam’s pathway, sidewalk, and step lighting designs are targeted to improve the quality of safety and aesthetic appeal. We also use our outdoor lighting design to enhance naturally occurring architectural features and designs, while lighting pathways and walkways for your guests’ safety.

Our designs showcase and highlight those things that make your building unique and beautiful. Taking from your existing accent walls and decorative fixtures, we incorporate all of your external features and materials into one comprehensive and spectacular overall design.

Decorative Piece Lighting

If you have a unique decorative piece that you would like to highlight, we offer solutions that focus on your most interesting components. Our lighting designs apply some of the world’s best luminaries to highlight a special piece of art, fountain, iconic urn, or anything that you hold dear to your heart and that you want to be the main focal point.

Water Feature Lighting

If you have a unique water feature that you want to showcase, we implement a water-light design to make it visible at night, and to make it the focal point day and night. Outdoor water lighting is an excellent way to create the overall aesthetic look you are trying to achieve. Whether it is on your balcony, backyard, or poolside, our lighting will make it stand out and be inviting to guests.

Driveway Lighting

Your driveway is the most common way that both family and guests enter your home, which is why lighting is so important. You want your entryway to be warm and inviting, and you want people to be safe while making their way to your home.

A common mistake is over-lighting a driveway, which can end up producing a “runway-like” effect. Our driveway lighting design incorporates a variety of different lighting options to make your home inviting and safe throughout the night.

Discreet Security Lighting

“Men love darkness because their deeds are evil.” The best outdoor security lighting is designed to be a deterrent to would-be wrongdoers. By lighting up areas around your home, you can keep it safe from criminals and trespassers. Gleam’s security lighting can also help you make your way safely around your home after dark. Our mission is to make security lighting the protectant it needs to be, while making it beautiful and elegant—not intrusive. We design our security lighting systems to provide the best of both worlds, showcasing the beauty of your home and protecting it in perfect harmony.

Outdoor Living Space Lighting

You put so much effort into creating outdoor space to entertain and enjoy—don’t miss out on using it due to lighting limitations. Our outdoor lighting design will create solutions that will both beautify and illuminate by highlighting your favorite outdoor living areas.

We design strategic lighting options so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy spending time with family and loved ones day and night, all year-round.

String Lights, Bistro, and Cafe Lighting

String lights are an excellent way to add a whimsical feel to your entertaining space. They add a touch of ambiance that can set the mood for time together. String lights come in various shapes, styles, and sizes, and can make an area romantic or festive—whatever ambiance you want to create. Twinkle, cafe, or bistro lights are versatile enough to add a bit of glow to any outdoor venue or space.

From a patio to a glamorous wedding venue, they add elegance and romance. Our lighting designers use a good mixture of both to light up your outdoor space to be both functional and decorative.