Commercial-Grade Strip Lighting

Commercial Grade LED Strip Lighting

When it comes to commercial and residential lighting systems, not everyone wants lackluster industry-looking exterior Christmas lighting. At Gleam Electrical, we know that some business and residential owners want to add a little more intrigue and texture to impress their family, friends, or clientele. Permanent strip lighting is the hottest new trend for both indoors and out, and it gives many options for color change and lighting to set the mood, create excitement, or warm a space up. We have just the commercial-grade strip lighting you need for any commercial or residential property and scenario.

Strip Light

Highlight Your home or Commercial Exterior Space with A “Wow” Factor!

Our commercial-grade strip lighting is an excellent way to highlight your exterior spaces. Whether you run a restaurant with outdoor seating or have other areas that you want to showcase, we design some amazing exterior systems with a lot of grandiose and attention to detail. For those who want to do something out of the ordinary, while also providing functional lighting, commercial-grade strip lighting is an excellent happy medium between the two.

Our LED lighting solution has color-changing technology to illuminate every occasion

Our product provides bright, color-changing lighting that communicates a holiday or occasion that is special to you. Our lighting solution stands out from other similar products because it’s permanent and has easy-to-control technology. Our product’s flawless design also contributes to its top performance from installation to virtually no maintenance.

  • Manage Lighting for Multiple Properties

    Control the lighting for one or several buildings from a single device
  • Customize Lighting Control

    Access and control lighting from any mobile device
  • Cloud-Based Control Solution

    Operates on an independent, reliable network with a wireless/controller hub
  • Real-Time Control From Anywhere

    Advanced control technology lets you operate the lighting from any location at any time