The Holidays are Almost Here: 5 Reasons to Light it Up

October 14th, 2022 gleam-admin

As the fall approaches along with the cooler temperatures and shorter days, the holidays will be here soon. This year is slated to be one of the busiest in years as we get back to socializing instead of social distancing. What that means for businesses is parties, shopping, and entertaining. If there ever was a time to celebrate and light things up, this year is it. As if anyone ever needs a reason to be festive, this year is the one. These are just five reasons to Google “commercial holiday lighting near me” and choose us!

Improve Sales

Sure, the cost of living might be on the rise, but this year is one for the books and regardless of where people’s budgets lie, they are still going to be shopping for that special gift. If you want to make your storefront festive and more engaging, spend the extra to light it up and make it more celebratory. If you invest in spreading holiday cheer, people will want to invest in you, so do it – you won’t regret it!

Those Old Lights Won’t Cut it

Let’s face it: it has been a hard couple of holidays without much to cheer about. Those commercial holiday lights that you assumed would make it another year or so just aren’t going to cut it. Instead of running out to replace your holiday lights, let us bring them to you. Our holiday lights are not only spectacular; they are cutting-edge, innovative, and won’t have you looking around to find the one bulb that burned out after you hung them!

Let Us Do the Work

We all love that things have gone back to normal, but if we want to admit it, the downtime had us all on a slower pace. As the holidays ramp up, so will your business and your commitments and schedule. Why waste your time decorating with lights when we can do it for you? Our company will come in like elves and light up your holiday spirit without any work on your part!

Safety First

What isn’t safe about hopping on a ladder in the cold and hanging holiday lights? Pretty much everything, actually. It isn’t worth your health to hang holiday lights when we can do it for you. Although most people consider holiday lighting a do-it-yourself job, for businesses, there is no such thing. And if you have one of your employees do it and they get hurt, that is even worse!

Who Wants to Take Them Down?

Even if you think that you are up for hanging lights before the holiday when you’re cheery and up for the challenge, fast-forward a couple of months: there is probably snow on the ground, definitely a chill factor, and of course extreme temperatures. Nothing makes a poorer impression than having lights up until March. When you hire us, we not only put them up; we also take them down. We are the gift that keeps giving! Now is the time to Google “commercial holiday lighting near me” and make your appointment with Gleam Electrical and Lighting Design today!