Light It Up This Summer with Gleam Electrical’s Help!

July 25th, 2022 gleam-admin

As we cruise through summer, we are all feeling the relief of things getting back to pre-pandemic conditions. Thank goodness we are all allowed to mingle again, which means heading out to our favorite restaurants that we’ve missed so much. As a restaurant owner, you want to do something special to welcome people back. What better way to do that than “lighting it up”? Commercial outdoor lighting companies like Gleam Electrical are the way to go! These are just five reasons to consider hiring us today!

Enhancing What is Already There

How awesome is it that things are finally returning to normal? The problem that most business owners are finding is that their budgets are limited due to being out of commission as far as normal capacity for almost two years. If you want to light things up but are still operating on a budget, then we can take what you have and enhance it to make it amazing. We don’t believe in ripping out and making new things if we don’t have to. We are retrofit kings in the industry and we’re willing to work around your budget and the great start you already have!

We Aren’t Just Lighting It Up – We Have the Skills to Design It to Perfection

At Gleam Electrical, we not only have the skills to put the greatest design into action; we also do designs ourselves. When you hire us, we have the advantage of being electrical experts along with design aficionados, which means that we can take your project from start to finish without having to coordinate different subcontractors and design experts. We are your one-stop electrical shop!

summer outdoor lighting


As far as lighting goes, this is definitely not our first rodeo, a part-time job, or a new venture. We’ve been doing this for decades and know what you need and what really works! If you are going to invest in lighting, make sure that it will benefit you the most by hiring a company that has the experience to impress your clientele while staying within your budget. We know what works and what doesn’t, so you won’t ever be our trial – and definitely never our error!


We believe that we can always do better. The lighting industry’s technology continues to change. We aren’t a company that sticks with the status quo; we are always striving to do better and offer the latest and the greatest! Whether it’s LED lights, hanging patio lights, or string lighting, we’ve got it! Our mission is to be ahead of the curve to make you look as trendy as possible!

residential summer lighting


We don’t want to toot our own horn: we really are the best in the industry and it shows in our ratings, reviews, and the fact that we have been recognized time and again as one of the best commercial lighting companies around. We take our jobs very seriously and always try to be at the top of our game!

As Indiana returns to pre-pandemic normalcy, people are finally heading out to enjoy life again. As a business owner, making an awesome impression is important to liven things up. If you want to light up your outdoor spaces, we got you! Contact Gleam Lighting today to discuss how we can get your outdoor commercial space lit for the summer!